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Visionaries and Strategists

"Handpicked, diverse individuals with their own stories to tell, and their own ideas to share"

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Youth and Education Strategist

Yatharth, co-founder of Rostrum Education and an alumnus of the London School of Economics, is a mentor and educator. His journey began as a student of the IB Diploma Programme. He pursued a Bachelors Degree in Business Mathematics and Statistics from LSE and graduated with First-class Honours and also received the prestigious ‘Best Performance Award’ for his academic achievements.

He has worked with leading educational consultancies in the UK and India as a mentor and assisting them in university admissions. In his role as the director of Rostrum Education, he frequently conducts motivational sessions at top schools of India for students and teachers. He also travels around the world to advice schools regarding the best way to implement international curricula and train teachers. 



Health and Education Strategist

A public health professional with experience in several countries, I have worked on projects in maternal and child health, migrant health, and most recently on revamping the public education curriculum for teachers across Myanmar. I love to become an active member of my community regardless of where I am or if I speak the language. As I integrate no matter whether I am in my home countries of the United States and India or in rural or peri-urban areas of Myanmar or Ethiopia, I do my best to understand the needs of my local community and become a supporter of reducing the inequalities present in whatever ways I can. In doing so I have become a passionate advocate for sustainable long-term development and for a future in which resources and opportunities are distributed more equitably across continents and communities. I feel that by becoming closer to the communities in which I am placed, I better understand how finite the world’s resources are, how paramount it is that we distribute them fairly, and how to do so. As a member of the TRESTLE team, I hope that we can work on projects to build a world in which others can benefit in the same way that I have benefited from my own access to resources and opportunities.



Founder & Policy Strategist

With an early exposure to the development sector and an early discontentment with the way things are- he has wanted to try things differently. He has experience working with NGOs, government entities, corporates, charities and private firms and brings a diverse set of skills to the table. Determined and decisive, with an approach resting on adaptability, cultural competency, empathy and intellectual curiosity, he is always looking to identify and develop opportunities.

With a keen interest in shaping the politics and policy-making environment globally, he is currently pursuing a second M.Sc. in Politics and Technology at the Technical University of Munich, Germany.



Resources Strategist

Having completed Mechanical Engineering from Canada, Aneesh joined the automotive industry in a bid to learn and be part of something that feeds the consumer engine of the globe. He spent two years at Fiat Chrysler Automotives and then almost a year at Honda working in their Complex Quality departments and specialising in Root Cause Analysis (RCA). It was his job to root-cause problems that occurred during the entire manufacturing process of a car. After seeing the corporate world and the industry for what it is, Aneesh left Honda and moved on to Nepal and India to explore possibilities of working in a much more meaningful socio-environmental field. He has recently completed a Masters in Sustainable Resource Management at the Technical University of Munich, Germany, with specializations in Climate Change and Environmental Economics to further his aim of working in the sector and doing his part to aleviate the pressures of modernisation on less than fortunate communities.



Lead Strategist

One of our leading impact-driven professionals from the South-Asia region- Rajan has worked for the German Development Cooperation, the Dutch Development Agency and very recently the International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) amongst others is very much ready to mentor youth to take on impending challenges in a radical way to work towards ending the endless cycle of development projects.



Public Relations Strategist

Virender Raina comes with with an experience of dealing with the greatest resource "people". Virender has a professional degree in Law from Kashmir University with a capping of Business Management and Personnel Management diplomas. 
Raina has worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a Regional Head and then took a sabbatical to work for an NGO as it's National Spokesman and Chairman of the Political Affairs Committee and currently its President. On the professional front, he is the Vice President of Sanyog Pharmacy Ltd.



Engineering Specialist

As a child, I have always been interested in science. Technology seemed almost like magic however once I started building my understanding, it became clearer and not as unreachable as it first appeared to be. I currently work for Phutung Research Institute as a researcher for developing an imaging device for medical purposes. I have completed a MEng degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Manchester. My interests and opportunities have led me to gain experience in a broad number of fields such as Electronics, Photonics, Programming and Power systems. As much as I admire technology, I am also wary about the impact each new development brings. A fear that I have is the people who may be left behind by the ever-increasing speed of progress and the instability it can potentially bring. There are numerous problems in numerous areas, and this should not be a terrible thing, but hope of a better tomorrow. I want to make this potential come true.



Finance Strategist

Having been raised in a transnational household, living half my life in South Africa and the other in the Netherlands, my passion was always to understand the enormous disparity in living standards between my two homes, and what could to be done to combat it. It was this passion which lead me to pursue a Bachelor’s in Environment and Development, and Masters in Development Studies from the London School of Economics. During these studies, I was introduced to concepts of corporate social responsibility, and the crucial role of finance and business in promoting and leading the economic shift towards a more sustainable way of life. With this new perspective, I chose to pursue a career in the Financial Services, spending a year working for an asset management firm in the Netherlands, before joining Ernst and Young (EY), based in London. As I continue to develop my financial skills and understanding, I hope to eventually use these in order to help drive the change that we need, and participate in the creation of a more sustainable and equitable society.



Media and Engagement Strategist

After a thriving career in many different businesses, Redefined Sustainable Thinking was pleased to welcome Rafi to the team. As a motivated, results-oriented collaborator, they’ve helped to make us what we are today. Having a PhD in Journalism and Urdu and being an active political mobiliser brings a very dynamic skill-set to the team.

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Working Student 

Being brought up valuing environmental health and integrating it into her curriculum extensively, Kirti has always been keen on working towards a safer and a flourishing planet. Currently pursuing her Bachelor's in Economics (Honours) from Hansraj College (Delhi University), she hopes to make an impact in policy-making decisions one day and make sustainable development a norm rather than a possible solution or exception.

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