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Services offered

Targeted Action Research

Basic assumption: There is a lot, we do not know.

Goal is to question this non-knowledge and to develop action alternatives through that. Ensuring access to collective knowledge and highlighting new promising ideas.

Philanthropic Networking and Support

Carefully selected individuals with a soft-spot for our planet and its communities means that they have established their networks in various ways working with multitude of organizations which can help channel learning and innovation effectively.

Advisory to Development Investments

Challenging the conventional wisdom, standard operating procedures and business as usual of bureaucrats and elected officials and development actors

Contributing to Policy influencing forums

Actively seeking to transform policy forums across our planet and therefore desire to partake in dialogues on critical concerns and influence with a simple, practical method to ensure impact and change.

Technical Backstopping

Support the development and transfer of new evidences and innovations. Based on research and practice REST and its team provides critical technical advisory support for process development, testing and implementation as well as their documentation and evaluation.

Interfaith and Interdisciplinary Dialogue

Understand the diverse world we live in through strategic and composed discussions organized by our multi-faceted, culturally-exposed young professionals

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