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Redefining Outreach: Aadharshila School, Himachal Pradesh

Lead Strategist Dr Rajan started the campaign of sensitising youth for proactive leadership on balanced self-development with a motivational interface with Aadharshila School in Palampur alongside collaboration with the Himalayan Mountain Trust. Preparing for their annual exams, Dr Rajan in his mentorship role stressed youth to focus on strengthening self-discipline, aligning with a faster learning curve and finally commitment to change and adaptation to emerging needs and challenges to come. The participants were motivated to be proactive seeking physical, emotional and mental fitness as changing the world starts with changing ourselves individually. As citadel for bringing future positive changes to this world, REST highlighted the commitment needed from students to harness good values such as the following sincerity of purpose, well-being of self by focusing on the narrative, If I am OK, You are OK, and finally based on this be the catalyst to bring social changes that help us to counter any kind of threat to our community and environment surrounding us. We ended with the quote from Goethe, "your glories will not count but your deeds will!"

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