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'Payment for Forest Ecosystem Services (FES)' Workshop


Facilitators for Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH workshop for the Indian Forest Services (IFS).


Due to in-depth experience in project cycle management and thematic of mainstreaming of ‘Payment for FES’ in sustainable forest management.


Sets and an example that projects can end with a consolidated exit strategy in the final year of it implementation. Its sustainability principles to sustain outcomes and learning for wider, more sustainable up-scaling and out-scaling.


Representing REST, Lead Strategist, Rajan, and Resource Strategist, Aneesh, acted as facilitators for the Annual Planning workshop for the FES project of GIZ. Rajan provided his in-depth expertise in project management and planning as he conducted the 2-day workshop, while Aneesh supported the workshop’s initiative by offering technical expertise through videography and organizational support.

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