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Himalayan Biodiversity and Future Solutions

The theme of IDB for this year is 'Our Solutions are in Nature'. This theme, coincides with the changing outlook of the world under COVID 19 pandemic scenario. Scientific community and other stakeholders believe that the cure lies within the domains of nature. Therefore, nature- based solutions (NBS) are attracting wider attention. Himalaya being a biodiversity hotspot, and having experienced harmonious relation of its people with nature, make the region more important. National Institute of Himalayan Environment (GBPNIHE), organised a webinar on the "Himalayan Biodiversity and Future Solutions". The event was organised to mark the International Day for Biological Diversity, on 22 May, 2020 (IDB 2020).

Several key messages have emerged from very experienced group of professionals and scientists of which Rajan Kotru was a part. These messages can now be taken forward to ensure that biodiversity conservation and its enhancement can be assisted through more nature based solutions.

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