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Himalaya Calling: A Follow Up

On 12th and 13th February 2020, Mountain Division of Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change in association through GB Pant National Institute of Himalayan and in association with International Centre of Integrated Mountain Development organised a workshop on “Himalaya Calling”: An Initiative to bridge the science–policy–practice divide and foster sustainable development in the Himalayan region.

The overall aim of this initiative is to make Himalaya Calling a people’s centric movement that calls for inclusive participation from all sectors and collective thinking process. Private sectors/business have a huge role and need to be a part of this process looking into the entire ‘life cycle assessment’ and value chain of products. In addition to the universities, the schools in IHR with focus on children from middle to secondary can be embedded as a part of the ‘communications and champions’ outreach programs.

As a follow up to the key messages from the above workshop an online meeting discussed and sought inputs toward refinement of ToR for the main thematic areas. The agenda of the meeting dealt with

1. Recap of Key messages from the last meeting

2. Discussions on Draft ToR's; Role of Nodes

3. Discussions on Pilots, Including Partnerships in the Indian Himalayan Region States

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