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Asia-Pacific Forest Sector Outlook: Roadmap for primary forest conservation in Asia & the Pacific

The World's primary forests are under extreme threat with millions of hectares lost each year! Hence timely deliberation by FAO and CGIAR for the Asia and Pacific Region is highly appreciated!

Our lead Strategist, Dr Rajan along with team was an integral part for contributing as a Panelist, a Reviewer, and a Roadmap designer. The eventual aim was to conserve these unique gifts of nature that have since their advent nurtured our home planet, Earth, as well as humanity to carve its culture, community collectivism, commerce, wisdom and more to sustain us and millions of other known species and yet unknown ones that we are yet to discover!

Enjoy the reading and take actions in whichever, but relevant and impact-able form you can.

You can find the document HERE.

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