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Stay up to date with TRESTLE's recent sustainable development efforts and global partnerships!

TRESTLE + GIZ project- Human Wildlife Conflict

Currently Ongoing! (Since June 2022)

Here at TRESTLE, we strongly stand for the motto "Small steps lead to big changes" and we constantly encourage donations, support, or fundraising for pressing global concerns.

The GIZ devise tailor-made, jointly-developed solutions to meet local needs and achieve sustainable and inclusive development with the help of partners and collaborators, such as TRESTLE.

Taking the issue of human wildlife conflict, TRESTLE has provided support design and delivery in GIZ workshops in June and November of 2022 and is currently working on a final draft implementation toolkit for all key wild animal species!

Elepahant Family
Image by Bisesh Gurung

Workshop on Agroecology Scale in the Himalayas

Currently Ongoing!

Exciting developments are taking place at TRESTLE! The team has been invited to share their expertise and knowledge on organic agriculture in the Himalayas at the upcoming Workshop on Scaling up Agroecology. Co-organized by IFOAM – Organics International and the World Future Council, this dynamic and informative event will bring together stakeholders from Bhutan, India, and Nepal to discuss the transformation towards agroecology in the region. Mark your calendars for March 14-15, 2023, as this workshop promises to be a game-changer for sustainable agriculture in the Himalayas!

TRESTLE's dedication to sustainable and inclusive development is second to none. As partners and collaborators of GIZ, they have been working tirelessly to design and deliver solutions to address pressing global issues, including human-wildlife conflict. And now, with their invitation to the Workshop on Scaling up Agroecology, the team is excited to continue making a positive impact in the Himalayas. Stay tuned for updates as TRESTLE takes small steps towards big changes in sustainable agriculture!

TRESTLE+Himalaya Unnati Mission

January 2023

Exciting news from TRESTLE as they have been nominated to join the Advisory Board for the Himalaya Unnati Mission (HUM) of The Art of Living. This comes as HUM, the Save Himalaya initiative, aims to create a knowledge partnership with a strong advisory and research team to develop effective policies for the preservation, protection, and resurrection of the biological, economic, cultural, and spiritual heritage of the Himalayas. As a member of the Advisory Board, TRESTLE will contribute to strategic analysis and policy-making for state and central governments in order to promote sustainable development in the region!

Image by Eyoel Kahssay

Indo German Development Programme


Exciting news from TRESTLE! As the International Chief Technical Advisor for the Indo German Development Programme in Tripura, the team had a major role in designing the implementation of the project's Inception Phase, Environmental and Social Standards, and operationalization. This project, financed by the German Development Bank (KfW), promises to make a significant difference in the region.

TRESTLE's commitment to sustainable and inclusive development has been a driving force behind their work with the German Development Bank and the Indo German Development Programme. And their efforts haven't stopped there! As partners and collaborators of GIZ, the team has also been providing support for a variety of initiatives, including working on solutions to address the issue of human-wildlife conflict. The team is passionate about making a positive impact and continues to work tirelessly to achieve their goal of promoting sustainable development.

Sustainable Makeover!- Palampur


The TRESTLE team strongly believes in holistic development, especially when dealing with sustainability. Taking Palampur as a proud example, this was clearly seen through the TRESTLE team's active involvement in numerous sectors of Palampur in order to promote sustainability and environmental protection!

Firstly, the establishment of the Palampur Welfare and Environment Protection Forum ensured a rigid and expansive forum for environmental protection. In partnership with this forum, the team also took action with the youth of Palampur from colleges and eco-clubs to clean up environmental waste, one of which was the cleaning of the Neugal River!

The TRESTLE team also hosted a  multistakeholder Waste Workshop at Palampur to further spread the message and impact. Speaking of education, our team lastly provided government school lectures to higher secondary students on the same and donated environmental education books to school libraries of Palampur!

Image by Naman Sood

TRESTLE + Bhopal School of Planning and Architecture

August 2022 - December 2022

One of TRESTLE's lengthier projects- An enthusiastic five-month long involvement with the School of Planning and Architecture in Bhopal under the Ministry of Education by the Government of India!

At the very start of our journey, in August of 2022, TRESTLE's very own lead strategist, Dr Rajan Kotru was honoured the esteemed nomination as an External Research Committee member (In Master of Planning-Environment Planning) following which he was nominated as an External Examiner for PhD Thesis' in September of 2022.

Moving on to the 19th of November 2022, TRESTLE attended the Convocation of SPA Bhopal following which, lastly, on the 9th and 10th of December 2022, the TRESTLE team offered their valuable inputs to 21 Msc students at the university, providing feedback and advice to their Pre-Thesis Research Design- an apt closure for this engaging project!

 students: Inputs to their Pre-Thesis Research Design individually on 9th and 10th December 2022 (21 Students) Attended Convocation of SPA Bhopal on invitation on November 19, 2022.

Sustainable Mountain Development Summit XI- Ladakh

October 2022

The TRESTLE team recently attended the Sustainable Mountain Development Summit XI in Ladakh in October 2022. Invited by the Ladakh Hill Development Council and the Indian Mountain Initiative (IMI), the team delivered a keynote speech on sustainable mountain development. They also collaborated on the draft of final recommendations for the summit.

TRESTLE's commitment to sustainable development was highlighted by their participation in the GIZ workshops in June and November of 2022, where they provided support in designing and delivering solutions to address the issue of human-wildlife conflict. Currently, the team is working on a final draft implementation toolkit for all key wild animal species, in collaboration with GIZ. TRESTLE is dedicated to promoting sustainable and inclusive development, and they continue to work with partners and collaborators to achieve this goal!

Image by Klara Avsenik

TRESTLE+GIZ- Horticulture Sector of Himachal Pradesh

December 2021 - July 2022

One of TRESTLE's longest and impactful projects, this undertaking collaborated again with GIZ, namely the Green Innovation Centre of the GIZ Team.

This project pertained a climate change assessment of the Apple/Horticulture sector in the state of Himachal Pradesh, for which the TRESTLE team led. This report was submitted in June of 2022 and additionally contributed to the first draft of the GIZ publication!

WASCA Project

May 2022

The TRESTLE team had enthusiastically collaborated with a national expert in May of 2022 regarding critical sustainable threats in rural India- namely the Water Security and Climate Adaptation in rural India.

The collaborator contributed a BMZ evaluation of the Water Security and Climate Adaptation in rural India operated by GIZ-German international cooperation, further providing a final report in October of 2022!

Image by Jace & Afsoon

Bachelor Student Mentorship: Comunity Forestry

April 2022

Conducted mentorship of bachelor students at the University of Freiburg on community forestry

  • Virtual interface discussing the key principles, successes, and failures of community forestry

University Lecture: Landscape Approach (Sustainable Development)

January 2022

Classes with MSc Students at the Technical university of Munich on Sustainable Development and Landscape Approach

  • Series of two lectures virtually (request from forestry faculty of University) 

  • Discussion on experiences and outlooks for landscape approach specifically with transboundary approach 

Image by Ravi Pinisetti
Image by Lukasz Szmigiel

Asia-Pacific Forest Sector Outlook

July 31, 2021

The TRESTLE team contributed as panelists, reviewers, and roadmap designers for the Asia-Pacific Forest Sector Outlook for FAO and CGIAR in July of 2021, taking leaps and bounds in our development of involvement and impact in the forest sector!

Mental Health Webinar

August 1, 2020

The TRESTLE team conducted a mental health webinar in August of 2020, highlighting the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and preaching the utmost importance of mental well-being during these difficult times.

Image by Sajal Das

Himachal Pradesh Forest Ecosystem Climate Change Project: An Update

August 1, 2020


Adaptive Forest Management in the Western Himalayan Region

July 28, 2020


Image by Marita Kavelashvili
Image by Ben Lowe

SECURING Himalayas: An Update

June 17, 2020


Himalayan Biodiversity and Future Solutions

May 25, 2020


Image by Sylwia Bartyzel

Himalaya Calling: A Follow Up

March 4, 2020


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